Saturday, June 23, 2012

...working out

I have been going to the gym at the hotel out where I work on a regular basis since September. When I first went I asked where the ladies dressing room was, and was directed to a room clear across the courtyard. I was put out and argued with the guy--wasn't there anywhere closer? Nope, ladies must go across to the ladies room. So I adjusted, and every day walked across to change then back to the gym to work out. They saw me. They knew I was there most days. Then, last week, out of the blue, the door to the ladies room was locked! So I walked back to the desk and asked what was going on. The young man, with a big smile on his face, said, "Oh! We're getting massage!" (Like that was great news for me! And no one thought to tell me the room would be locked?) I asked where I was to change my clothes and he pointed to the mens' room. Really? (Very few men came all year, but lately there have been more guys.) I said I wasn't comfortable changing there, now that so many men were coming. "Hmmm," was his response. 

He had no solution for me, so I walked down the hall to the restroom by the restaurant. (Cool, diners get to see me in my workout clothes!) The next day I changed at school before leaving, but that isn't convenient either--I like to run errands while I am still in my dress and abaya. So I argued with the guy at the desk some more. He still had no solution. 

The next day he wasn't at the desk so I knocked on the mens' room door and went in. I opened the door to the restroom area (where there are locked doors and privacy) and saw there was a man sitting on the john! Gaaa! (He was behind a closed door, but seriously, there was no way I was going to saunter into the next stall to change my clothes while he was there.) I immediately went to the main desk of the hotel and spoke to a woman there. She was horrified that there was no changing room for women and said she'd speak to the manager. I went back to the gym and the young man assured me that he would be there each day to make sure the coast was clear. Each day I get there and he either waves me in or I knock loudly on the door before entering (because he's not always there as promised). It makes me shake my head. They go to such lengths to keep men and women separate here--why would they think it's ok for us to share a locker room??? Crazy. I guess the massage room is almost finished and I'll be able to go back to changing in that restroom once it is.

Update:  I have permission to change in the ladies room once more. I laughed out loud when I entered--not a thing had been done!