Thursday, April 30, 2009

...water falls

The last time I went to Portland the ol' dog and I stopped in the Multnomah Falls area to hike around a bit. It was cold and dreary, but the activity was just what I needed. The falls never fail to soothe the soul. I parked in the main parking lot, then took the trail west to Wahkeena Falls.

Chasse enjoyed getting out of the truck for a bit. There were few people on the trail so I let her go at her own pace. She did ok for an almost 92 year old.
A kind woman offered to take our picture. Wahkeena FallsMultnomah Falls
So misty and beautiful.

When the kids were young (and I was the family activities director) we used to go hike this area quite a bit. Arlene and Steve were often with us. We've hiked the upper loop a couple of times, but I noticed that it was closed off now. I didn't have time to do it anyway, and Chasse would never have made it. Fun memories, though.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

...this n' that

  • I just finished reading World Without End by Ken Follett. I didn't want it to end. Such a good book. Two thumb up. Now maybe I will get some things done around here!
  • I am SURE the swine flu will have run its course by July so I can go to Mexico. No "gripe porcina" for me.
  • It's almost May and it's cold. By now I'm usually wearing capris to school every day.
  • After going to the job fair in Portland a few weeks ago I have decided to stay put. I have a good job. My kids will just have to come visit more often and vice versa.
  • My classroom budget for next year is small. Very small. But at least I have a budget. It's doable.
  • My mother-in-law called today just to say hi. She is lonely without Rolly. What an adjustment that would be after 60 years together.
  • Entertaining is fun. My friend Ron was here earlier in the week and I invited the young couple next door over to eat with us. Stir fry was mediocre; company was excellent.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

...Mexico again!

4/24/09 update: A very kind family member has offered me her frequent flyer miles for this trip! Woo hoo! Thank you, thank you!!! :-)

This is a line from an email I received today: I just got word that Hildalgo needs 10 teachers between July 6 and July 24 to do training with elementary English teachers.

That line led me to this:
...where I found out that a round-trip ticket to Mexico City is only $356!!!!!

Guess where I'm going to be in July?? Pachuca is only an hour north of Mexico City...where the pyramids (that are on my list of places I must visit in this life) are. And Maribel (who hooked me up with relatives last summer) has a sister in Mexico City who was disappointed I didn't visit her. (Guess who I'll be calling???)

(And I put a bug in Arlene's ear to fly down and be a tourist with me when the three weeks of teaching are over!)

Oh, oh, oh! Doin' a happy dance!

(I wonder if I could rent a bike while I'm there? Something to investigate...)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

...homemade soup

Jadyn seems to be allergic to peanuts--her mouth burns and she gets a rash when she eats anything made with peanuts. So no peanut butter sandwiches for this little girl. But what quick and filling snack could possibly take the place of this staple? Grandma's homemade soup. Arlene keeps Jadyn-size containers in the freezer and heats them up when J is starving and needs something to eat NOW.

...a ride in the sunshine

This past Thursday was a beautiful evening for a ride. (Unlike Tuesday--my clothes had to be washed twice to get all the road grime out. I was a moving mud puddle!) Over the shoulder shots. Proof that I am ahead of Scott. He's the one wayyyy in the back!
Flats happen.

I want to be like Bill. Still cycling in my 60s.

And there go the fast guys. One of these days I will keep up with them!

...Easter fun with Jadyn (a very busy little girl)

Happy Easter, Daddy!

Want a bite of my "cookie?"

What a tease! She was "hiding" again by covering her face with her dress. She looks like Arlene as a little girl in this one.
Trying to blow bubbles, although she had already spilled the bottle!
Helping with her new rake.

Chasse, want some cookie?
(Chasse had chocolate on her forehead for the rest of the day.)
Helping mommy in the garden.
Run, Gamma, run!
Throw it, Gamma! Me do it!
Time to say goodbye....

Friday, April 17, 2009

...a softball game

My niece Annie emailed a couple of days ago to tell me that she and Irene would be in Boardman this afternoon for a softball game. (What a long bus ride from Burns!) So after school I hurried home, pottied the dog, and drove out to the game. Annie plays left field and Irene keeps stats. The score was painful....and Boardman fans could have been more gracious about the win....but it was fun to see the two girls. They are so grown up...I still picture them as little is it possible that they're in high school already?!? sister the cook

and her sidekick!

...a sweet little girl and a patient ol' dog

You need your tail combed.
What do you mean you don't want to wear my sunglasses???

(Chasse has never been a "social" dog and has never had patience with children. She was so good with Jadyn! I guess being 92 in human years has mellowed her.)

Thursday, April 16, 2009 pig pajamas

...a blue ball, and an adorable little girl (who thinks she's hiding by covering her face!) to open butter

Grandma's little helper is always in the kitchen with her and HAS to do everything!

'smatta Gamma?