Tuesday, January 19, 2010

...a budding photographer

This past weekend I drove over the mountain to visit my folks and celebrate Dad's 78th (a week early). Arlene came from Boise and brought Jadyn as a surprise. Jadyn is now 3 1/2 and still just as busy as ever. I had been taking pictures of her all evening, then asked if she would like to give it a try. Of course she said, "Yes!" It was so much fun to watch her with the camera so I got out my cell phone and snapped a couple of her in action.

"Antique drawer pull"

"Great-grandpa's footwear"

"Wood stove"

"Gamma and Great-Gamma at the table"

"Henry the dog"

Of course there were many that were blurry and heads were chopped off, but she got a really cute one of Great-grandpa!


LimesNow said...

As much as you enjoy Jadyn, I loook forward to the day you can write about your own grandchildren!

In the continuing theme of common birthdays, my dad is about 6 weeks older than yours.

Doozyanner said...

Limes, I know I will love being a grandma. But for now I will share Arlene's little cutie--my kids aren't settled enough to start thinking about being parents yet. :-) Birthdays...my mom will be 77 on April 2nd. Yours?

LimesNow said...

OH, yeah! No rush to parenthood. I think most bright young people today realize they have plenty of time to make that happen. We always told Amber she couldn't have a boyfriend until 4 years after graduate school and she (almost) actually believed us. At least she has remained stesadfast about school and not about dating, marrying, stopping her life.

My mother shares the birthday of one Elvis Presley. She turned 75 on January 8th.

Doozyanner said...

Oh I knew that...you mentioned that both your mom's and Amber's birthdays were in January. Yikes, your mom WAS just a child when she had you! Yes, there is no need to rush into parenthood...it's a challenge at any age, but a few revolutions around the sun help.

LimesNow said...

Oh, yeah, Dooz ~ they were children having a child. I've got the battle scars to show for it. Although I did not plan to be an older mom, I think that worked out nicely for Amber. I wasn't a terrified child trying to care for another child.