Tuesday, July 20, 2010

...riding with the fast guys

I was the only {not so fast} person to show up for the group ride tonight. That meant I'd be riding alone. Harrumph. But, it was a beautiful, calm evening--no reason to be grumpy. I would ride alone--there are worse things to endure--like not riding at all on such a fine evening. The route was decided upon, and I took off early while the guys still hung around fiddling with tires and what-not. I thought if I could make it up the hill before they passed me, I might have a chance of hanging on for a while. My strategy worked, but then it was inevitable--they dropped me. But wait--there were only four in that group. Where were the others? I kept looking back, but never did see the rest of the guys. I'm not sure what happened to them--they should have caught up to me. The first group waited in Echo and were surprised to see me ride in alone. After refilling my water, I took off again--the days aren't as long as they were just a few short weeks ago, and it would take me a bit to get back to the shop. But--what's this?? The fast guys passed me again, and hollered, "Grab on!" They slowed their pace just a tad, and I was able to hang on all the way back to town. I'm still grinning.

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jeff said...

Sounds like fun!