Saturday, October 2, 2010

I've been doing a lot of shoe shopping lately, and even some shoe buying. Unfortunately, I've also been doing some shoe returning as well.

I'm in search of the "perfect" shoe. One that is comfortable all day, every day, but especially Thursdays. Why Thursdays? We're on a modified block this year which means that I have a 45 minute prep on Mondays and Tuesdays, a 90 minute prep on Wednesdays, and NO prep on Thursdays. I am on my feet, going at warp speed, from 7:30-2:45, with only about 20 minutes in the middle to sit at my desk and eat lunch. Whew!

So my feet and my legs need and want a decent pair of shoes or two.

I've tried on shoes, thought they were "it," brought them home and tried them on again...hey, why didn't I notice in the store that the left one hurts the top of my foot? I've ordered shoes online, and waited excitedly for them to arrive. This time the left foot feels great...but the right one feels like there's a lump in the toe.

Oh, and since I'm not yet 70? I want my shoes to have a bit of style to them. The young male clerk (who called me ma'am) in the higher-end shoe store I visited today, shrugged his shoulders when I said I was on a quest for the most comfortable, yet stylish shoes on earth. "Let me know if you want to try something on." (Maybe from his perspective there's not much difference between 50-something and geriatric.)

So the quest continues. MY shoe is out there, waiting for me to find it, I just know it. Let's hope we're united soon!

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