Sunday, November 21, 2010

...reasons not to ride

1. It's really cold out.
2. White stuff is falling from the sky.
3. Sewing projects are begging to be finished before Thanksgiving.
4. It's really cold out. (Did I mention that?)

All good reasons not to ride.

I'm very glad I rode anyway. Even though my toes were ice cubes by the time we returned. Even though I had to stop and put my headband on over the balaklava. Even though my eyes were streaming at times. Even though Kathie decided not to go. Even though my water was icy cold going down.

Glad I didn't listen to reason.


jeff said...

Good for you!

Doozyanner said...

Jeff, It was an excellent ride! It was cold, but there wasn't any wind. Riding through snowflakes was fun!

The Old Bag said...

It's always good to just get out before one thinks too much -- short and sweet is best during the winter!