Wednesday, January 19, 2011

...a crazy-making day

End of the semester--grades must be in, notice to change one class from letters to P/NP--but how?, final exams to translate and explain (Miss, can you help me?), detailed sub plans or else the kids will run wild (and if they still run wild then at least I did my part), copies to make, emails to send, senior project presentation to attend, meeting notes to type, program paperwork to print...a very long day.

But tomorrow...some collegues and I (and one adorable small boy and his mama) are headed to the coast for a conference. And I won't feel the least bit guilty if the beach beckons me for a walk while the conference is...conferencing.

It's good for the soul to get out of Dodge once in a while. (Even if it means having a crazy day to make it happen.)


jeff said...

A walk on the beach sounds good. Enjoy.

The Old Bag said...

I totally get it.

LimesNow said...

It IS good for the soul to get out of Dodge. I know that! Dooz,please let me know: did you see my December 4th e-mail? You were included as a recipient, but I'm not certain whether you saw and read it.