Sunday, February 27, 2011

...a ride in February

We've had a bit of a cold snap, accompanied by a brisk wind. I wasn't sure if anyone would want to ride today, so was glad to get a text from Greg. He said it was pretty warm out, considering what the temperature has been lately, and the wind wasn't too bad. We decided to take our chances.

It was lovely to be able to wear these:

instead of these:

but my feet would have been happier in these:

instead of these:

There was a delightful tailwind heading out of town, and a killer of a headwind coming back in. As we slogged along we played the "at least" game: At least it's not raining. At least it's not snowing. At least it's not blowing dirt in our eyes. At least the wind isn't shifting like last time when we never got a tailwind. At least we're riding and not spinning. A good ride.

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Leslie Morgan said...

From all I can tell, it's hellish all over the west, north to south. MAN! Wind, rain, snow. BTW, I can tell you because I have that memory like an elephant and that attachment to certain dates: I personally believe the western US can RELY on this particular weekend being hell for weather, even if spring has been hinting, seducing a little previously. I'm glad you rode! I surrender my "Balls Badge" to you, just temporarily, because I rather wimped out in favor of spa treatment and pampering. It's rare. Don't begrudge me. ;~} Travel/relocation plans? New developments?

WV- couty. I live in Clark Couty, NV.