Thursday, March 17, 2011

...spring break

I'm tired. The kids are squirrely.
There's not much creativity nor patience left in me. It's time for a change of pace, to rest, relax, and do something different for a few days. Ahhhh, spring break! (Starting right after I finish announcing the first home track meet tomorrow afternoon...)


jeff said...


Leslie Morgan said...

Let's see: tired, squirrely, no patience, no creativity. All serious symptoms. Get outta there before they quarantine you! (Man, your spring break is early. It's nearly another month away here.) Ride and do everything you enjoy - you deserve a break.

WV - unson. Teachers are our unson heroes.

Leslie Morgan said...

Oh, Doozy, it DOES please me so to see that Elisabeth has put up her icon as your follower. She is a most wonderful blogger and woman friend. You'll like her.

Oh, boy. WV = outtedet. My outfit is a little outtedet, but I didn't have too many to select from.

Arlene said...

So now you should be exhausted and ready to back to school to rest up from spring break. I had a great time.