Monday, June 13, 2011 life at the present moment

The contents of these are neatly stowed in the garage,

waiting for this, which has been reserved. This has been scheduled, (Thanks for the info, Les!)

utilities have been notified,

and rent has been paid. After Wednesday, I will be living out of these.


Blogger is being strange today--it won't let me fix the spacing between pictures...and I've already frittered away too much time creating the post. Fine. Be that way.


Leslie Morgan said...

I'm distressed on your behalf. You don't even have to feel yucky or conflicted. In addition to my e-mail address, please carry this for phone or text: (702) 324-8850

I envy you all your energy and direction, Dooz!

The Old Bag said...

Good luck and have a rewarding, exciting, fulfilling, wonderful time!

Early said...

Please let us know if you need a place to park the last of these (and their owner) for a night or two.