Sunday, September 4, 2011

...a range of emotions

Things that make me smile:

Yummy snacks with a funny name,
a fish tank imbedded in the wall,
 the children it attracts,
and connecting with family and friends on Skype.

Things that make me laugh:

Sinatra, live, at the Yas Hotel,
 friends who are also easily amused,
and a taxi driver who cranked up his rap music for three middle-aged women, and either had an itch, a twitch, or was gettin' down to the music (sorry, no photo available).
Things that, if I don't laugh, might make me cry: 
We spent the entire day at the main office only to receive a single sheet of paper that had our names, the name of our school, and, if we were one of the lucky ones, a phone number. I already had that information and was hoping for something more. However, it does confirm that I will be going out to the western region as I was originally told.  I wonder when that will be?
Maybe it's just as well there were no forms under this sign!


Leslie Morgan said...

When I've traveled internationally, I think one of the things I've noticed most vividly is the difference in efficiency and time: scheduling, how long things take to execute, how smoothly they go. "We" think we're "all that" ~ so advanced. But what if it's really only that we're "different", not "better". Not everyone does things the way we think they should be accomplished.

I'll be glad when you're settled in, because I think it will put you at ease and you can move forward.

Not what "we" call Ding Dongs, eh, Dooz?

Doozyanner said...

Les, I totally agree--different, not better. I think my wording may have been misleading. I am really doing just fine and am able to laugh about it all. It helps to have made good friends here who are in the same boat. We're trying to make sense of things based on the schema we came with. Next year we'll be the "experts" on how to navigate the system and will be able to help the newbies.

Leslie Morgan said...

Just to be clear, I wasn't suggest that "you", specifically, Doozyanner held that "better" stance. I just meant Americans, in general, tend to be pretty arrogant.

Side note: I, too, was attacked by a Blogger blight. Not your exact one, but a pain in my side, anyway. I went to the Help desk, researched whether others had experienced it and how they remedied it, and - lo! I fixed myself! It's obvious to me if we're going to be blogger addicts, we'd better know how to change a flat tire.