Saturday, November 19, 2011

...what I miss

Last night I connected with both of my sisters on Skype, and had a good old gab-fest. Arlene was baking in her kitchen and I was ironing clothes--it felt so normal!  Lani just got connected to Skype, so we were excited to hear each other's voice for the first time in months.  It was so good to talk to both of them. Lani asked me if there was anything that I really missed, a certain food item that I couldn't get here.  I couldn't think of anything in particular--there are foods here from around the world, and I am not devoted to any one type of cuisine nor am I picky about brand names.  So what if the mayonnaise is a little different than at home?

However, Lani's question got me thinking about what it is that I do miss.  In no particular order, here is my list:

I miss being able to get coffee at a drive-through coffee shop.  This wasn't something that I did on a regular basis at home, but I could if I wanted to.  There are no drive-through anythings here, as far as I can tell. (Possibly in the city, but here in the rural area...nope.)

I miss riding.  I hopped on a cheap little bike today at a shop and took it for a spin around the parking lot.  Ohhhh,  I miss riding.  I still don't know that I'll get a good bike while I'm here and invest in the clothing and accessories to go with it, but I might just get a little beater for an occasional jaunt around the neighborhood on the weekends. 

I miss my friends. Yes, I am making new friends here, but building deep relationships takes time.  I'm puzzled, and to be honest, hurt, that friends at home have let me go so easily. Out of sight, out of mind?

I miss interacting with men. Oh, there are plenty of men around.  The ratio of men to women is almost 2:1. However, making eye contact or small talk can be interpreted differently than intended. (I thought the young man at the Exchange was being friendly because he's in customer service.  I was being friendly because my money transfer issues were finally being resolved.  His phone call that evening was totally unexpected!) The staff at my school is almost all female--Mr. Wahid and a couple of security guards are the only men around, and our conversations rarely go beyond, "Good morning!  How are you?"

I miss my kids.  I miss being able to text with them whenever I want to.  Even if I were to spring for the fancy (and expensive) phone that would allow me to do so, we'd still have the issue of the time difference. I might just spring for the fancy phone anyway.

I miss impromptu BBQs on the patio with my old neighbors.  I miss hearing Caleb's laugh through the walls and I miss Maria's baking.

I miss patio time, Noodles, and conversations with Jacque.

I miss the inventiveness and silliness of Jadyn and Liam.

I miss being able to make a day trip to visit my folks whenever I want. 

I miss speaking the native language of my students.  I still think in Spanish when trying to help one of my girls whose English is limited.  Spanish isn't going to help, but my brain automatically goes there.

I miss my accumulated classroom "stuff."  (Funny, I don't miss any of my household "stuff.")

I miss feeling confident as a teacher.  I'm working hard, we're having fun, the girls are learning, but...whew.  I haven't been a first-year teacher in many years.

I miss wearing a scarf around my neck because it compliments my outfit, not because it's required. I miss wearing necklaces and pendants.  (I have them, but there's no point since the scarf covers them.)

I miss my 10 minute commute to work every morning.  Audio books are going to be sanity savers on this 45 minute drive.

I miss my hairdresser.  I'm overdue for a cut and color, but don't want to go to the local salon again. We didn't communicate very well the last time.

I miss knowing how, where and when to pay my bills.

I miss the rain.

(A camel picture, just for the heck of it.  Look at the wad of cud in his cheek!)


Arlene said...

What will you miss when you leave? I'm thinking camels will be at the top of the list. :)

Doozyanner said...

I think you're right! Oh, and baklavah! (Pronounced bock-LAU-wa.)

Arlene said...

Check out the camel to the right. Is he giving you the lip?

Doozyanner said...

He is! These camels seemed different--their lower lips seemed to droop more than others I've seen.

jeff said...

Think of how great all the things you miss are going to be when you have them again.

Doozyanner said...

Jeff, you're right! This is a pretty whining post, but really, things are going quite well. :-)

Janie said...

We miss you, too.

I especially miss our fabric shopping trips and your levity in our lives on a more routine basis. Long distance is just not the same.

Fish Tacos anyone?

jeff said...

I didn't think you were whining at all, only realizing what Joni Mitchell said.