Tuesday, February 7, 2012

...being a creature of habit

There are no assigned parking spaces at our villas. Truth be told, there are no parking spaces, period.  No neat lines telling us where (or where not) to park.  But, for the past five months MY spot has been up close to the building, right under my living room window.  I've noticed that others are creatures of habit as well, and usually park in the same location day after day.  Lately however, someone has been parking in MY space, forcing me to park outside the compound walls.  In the grand scheme of things, it's no big deal...or so I thought.  I had to laugh at myself this afternoon--I swung wide to enter the gate and was triumphant to see that MY space was empty!  (No big deal?  Hmmm...I guess it was after all!)

Maybe I should borrow the traffic cop from school and tell the person in the dark Chevy to

taking my parking space! (As you can see, Katie made a new friend while here in December.)

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Arlene said...

you make me laugh, but I too get really bummed at work when someone takes my space. I have a second choice, but hey!