Saturday, April 14, 2012

...things that make me smile

I am really behind--in several areas of my life--and the blog has suffered. I promise a real posting soon, but in the meantime, here is a list of things that make me smile.  I'll try not to repeat anything from earlier "things that make me smile" posts, but if I do, it's because they make me smile on a consistent basis.  Here goes:

  • Interrupting a game of street cricket on the way into my neighborhood.  I have seen street football, street soccer, street baseball, and street hockey, and now...street cricket.  Game on!

  • Having two weeks off for spring break.  It means our school year extends into July, but those two weeks were sorely needed.

  • Traveling to Istanbul during spring break.  (I know, I know I should have written about this already, but I've been busy, ok?)

  • Experiencing a traditional Turkish bath at the oldest bath house in Istanbul.  Wow.

  •  Spending time at the beach in Dubai. The hotel behind me in this picture charges about 10X what I paid for my budget room.

  •  Skype. Have I mentioned how much I love Skype?  My internet was down last weekend and my sister and I had to resort to an old fashioned phone call.  Thankfully, the internet is working this weekend.  Two planned calls down, one to go!

  • Planning our much-awaited trip to France and Italy in July.  We have been saving for this for over 5 years, and this is the year!

  • A totally unexpected, late-night downpour, complete with thunder and lightning!  I woke up with a start, thinking that one of my hot water tanks had burst a hose again (they do that on a regular basis) but soon realized the noise was coming from outside.  I got up and sat out on my patio ledge for a bit to enjoy the show.  It has been overcast and cool all day today (after being in the 90s this past week).

  • Snail mail. My mailbox was full this week--graduation announcements, Easter cards, newsy letters...ahhh...feeling the love.

  • Picking up an apple at the local store and seeing the familiar "Washington Apple" logo.  Many of my former students and their parents work(ed) in those orchards.

  • Ten weeks of student contact time left. (This also causes some anxiety--so much to accomplish in a short period of time!)

  • TurboTax.  Easy, correct information on how to file an extension and get the tax-free allowance for working overseas.

  • Audio books on my Kindle.  The 45 minute commute each morning and evening is no big deal now.

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Arlene said...

I'm smiling while reading your smiles. Actually I am procrastinating doing my taxes. OK, here I go