Saturday, July 25, 2009

...more STP photos, as promised

Day 1--waiting for our wave to depart the University of Washington in Seattle

Leaving Seattle--Xavier in red and blue. His first bike ride over 25 miles. Maybe 50 miles total seat time before the ride. Oh to be young!

Lunch break--day 1 Instead of standing in long lines for a PBJ we opted to go to a diner so we could sit down, drink lots of ice water, and use their facilities. Not the kind of place I would normally go to--too many anti-immigrant and "speak English by gawd" types of posters around the place, but the food was good and service was quick.
Water break, day 1
This unicyclist made it the entire 200 miles. Abs of steel?

These guys rode the whole way on fat-tired bikes. One of them had a case of Fat Tire beer strapped to the back, so I think they were part of a promotional scheme. This bike path is where I fell last year. I was hypervigilant around the posts!

Halfway point--Centralia, Washington. Another 7 miles to go before we get to our motel in Chehalis. A loooong 7 miles.

Day 2--Leaving the motel in Chehalis. A dreary, cool morning. Four of us advertised for Scott's Cycle, but we never took our jackets off all day, so it was all for naught.

Wating for the downpour to ease up...
Coming into Portland. A man leaned out his apartment window and hollered down, "I thought cyclists waited for no one?" We all shared a laugh. But, I have to admit, there were too many rude and inconsiderate cyclists on this ride--they give the rest of us a bad name.
We did it! (Ivan the fast beat us all in, which is why he's already in street clothes. Xavier looks a little tuckered out!)
Ahhh...chocolate let me get out of these wet shoes and clothes!


Anonymous said...

What a fun time! Maybe you could make sandwich board type vests to advertize for Scott. Light fabric that would fit over jackets?

Doozyanner said...

haha...nah....we were just humoring him :-)

LimesNow said...

What a wonderful photo-essay. You're a really good event reporter! People enjoying what they do - it's a beautiful thing.