Monday, September 7, 2009


The 13th annual Tumbleweed Folk Music Festival has come and gone once again. My sister Arlene and I have not missed a year yet. How much of the festival we've seen has changed from year to year--when we moved Katie to college we only made it back in time for the evening concert. Other years we have gotten a motel room and were there for both days from beginning to end. This year we spent all day Saturday and part of Sunday, and thanks to a helpful neighbor didn't need to rush back to potty the ol' dog. (The Saturday night concert was rained out so we ended up going home early after all.)
Good music and dancing, yummy food from our favorite booths, sweet smelling soap from a couple of vendors, hanging out with my sister--another fun Labor Day weekend of being hippies in the park. :-) Summer is officially over...

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