Wednesday, July 6, 2011

...a change in plans

I left my parents on Sunday and traveled four hours to visit my youngest sister Lani and her family. We were enjoying time on her patio when the text message came from mom: At ER, will fill you in later. Wha??? I thought it was mom being treated--she has upper respiratory issues. Finally, more info trickled in--Dad had had a minor stroke and was being admitted. So...instead of going on to see Arlene in Boise, Lani and I came home. Two of my brothers are here, and one more is on his way. Arlene will be here after work today. (She doesn't know it, but we're turning the kitchen over to her.)

Dad is home and doing well--a bit unsteady on his feet and confused, but otherwise....ok. His room is upstairs at the top of a very steep and narrow staircase. So...our task is to shift things around and make a room for him downstairs. We made good progress yesterday, and it's good to have so many hands to help. If you read this, please send prayers, positive thoughts and/or well-wishes to my dad and our family. Thanks!


Leslie Morgan said...

Oh, Doozy, I don't care for "uh-oh" stories. I do prefer them to end with "out of the hospital", though. All the best to everyone in your family. You know nothing but positive energy will be sent your way from Las Vegas.

jeff said...

Prayers, positive thoughts, and well-wishes to your Dad, and your entire family.