Wednesday, January 25, 2012

...a Pitiful Pearl kind of day

My friend Mr. Insomnia visited last night.  He hasn't been around much since I moved here and I was beginning to think that we were no longer an item.  But he had different ideas and dropped in for a quick visit--only keeping me awake until about 1:00 a.m.  Not terribly late, but late enough to make me drag today.  I got up late and raced through my morning routine to make it to school on time, skipping the cursory application of makeup.  It's been unseasonably cold here, so today I wore my jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt, covered by my abaya.  I drove a little faster than usual and made it in time for assembly.  I headed up the stairs to stow my bags but forgot to hold up my skirt so I wouldn't trip.  Bam.  I pitched forward and caught the full weight of the fall on my left hand.  Not fun on marble stairs!  I picked myself up in a daze, went to the office and sat down. A sweet, kind coworker asked if I was ok.  I was trying to keep it together, but burst into tears and bawled, "No, I'm hurt!"  She called the nurse for me who gave me Pandadol (same as Tylenol) and checked for broken bones.

I've felt out of kilter all day--both from Mr. I. and from the fall. My hand is stiff and sore, but nothing appears to be broken. (Alhamdullilah!)  My grade 11 girls asked if I had been crying. I explained that I hadn't slept well, got up late, didn't put on makeup, and then had had a mishap on the stairs.  (Clumsy was one of our new vocabulary words from the story we're reading! Miss Sue--exhibit A!) Maitha R. asked, "Miss, how you say I hope a person feel good?"  I wrote "I hope you feel better" on the board and then they all chimed in with their wishes for me.  (Have I mentioned how much I love these girls?)

Bedtime will come early tonight and I'll take something for my poor, sore hand.  Tomorrow is a new day, and it's good to be reminded that I am surrounded by caring people.

One last whine:  This sight doesn't make me smile.  The construction out my kitchen door is moving ahead at a brisk pace.  The view of the city lights from my perch outside is now blocked and I can no longer see the sky while in my kitchen.  Rats. So it really has been a Pitiful Pearl kind of day.


jeff said...

I hope a person feel good. They sound like sweet kids.

Arlene said...

Oh my and oh darn. Sweet girls, and how clever of you to make your mishap part of the lesson plan.

Your lovely little nook gone, Can you hang a picture or scarf?