Wednesday, January 18, 2012

...things that I will miss

A while back I posted a list of things {from my old life} that I miss.  I wondered if there would be anything {from my new life} that I would miss once I returned to my {new} old life.   There is.  Are.  And surely the list will continue to grow the longer I live here. 

I will miss the little salon behind mirrored doors, in the city mall.  Or, more accurately, I will miss the nine young women from Pakistan and the Philippines who work there.  They don't have an easy life--they work from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day except Friday when they have a few hours off.  They all live together in a two bedroom villa with one bathroom. (Um, yeah--I have been provided with a two bedroom, two bathroom villa. Ouch.) They are not all friends, but they make the best of it.  These young women are always kind and friendly and ask about my children. (They met Katie, but not Nate since men are not allowed inside.) I always leave feeling renewed in body and soul.

I will miss working with one of the most incredibly talented teachers I have ever met. I am humbled by what she is able to do with her students in such a short amount of time.  (I feel like a child again, watching my mom work in the garden.  She made whatever she was doing look easy, so I would ask to use whatever tool was in her hand.  Once it was in mine, however, it wasn't easy at all.)  So I pick A's brain and marvel at her innate ability, knowing that there is no way I can come close to replicating what she does.

I will miss the exquisite yogurt that is sold by the gallon.
I will miss the endless sky and gorgeous sand dunes.
I will miss seeing camels in the back of trucks and along the road.

I will miss the people who are helping me to grow into who I am meant to be.

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Arlene said...

Yes, you will miss Baklava, hmmm, guess I will have to make some when you return to the states. I have found a really good Greek yogurt, brand name is ZOI. I used some as the base for two veggie dips to take for dad's b-day