Monday, December 29, 2008

...Christmas at our house

The kids are gone, the house is quiet, and I'm spending the day resting and puttering. I haven't been outside except to put the garbage to the curb, and haven't talked to anyone except Kathryn who stopped by for a cup of tea. It's good to have a quiet day after all the hubbub of having Nate and Katie home. They were here for 9 days--days filled with talking and laughing and teasing and playing and cooking and baking and laundry and dishes. I love having them here, and I love the quiet when they are gone. The kids connected with old school friends on several occasions, and Katie's boyfriend Matt drove up from Portland for one night. Piper (Katie's dog) kept us entertained because she thinks she's a child. So here are some photos of our time together. I didn't take nearly enough.

Kathryn stopped by on Christmas day and spent several hours with us playing board games and talking. We had so much fun together! She took this family picture for us. I am bummed that I didn't think to get a Christmas picture of her!Katie and her boyfriend, Matt, just before they left for Portland. I should not have had them pose in front of the looks like Katie has a growth or an interesting hairdo!

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PeacefulWmn9 said...

Looks like fun! And your sewing pictures make me want to sew again. When my daughters were young, I did it a lot.