Tuesday, December 16, 2008

...a gift of a day

Last night, before I even had my lunch made for today or my clothes laid out the phone call came: "No school tomorrow." The phone barely clicked off before I let out a "Yippeeeee!" Today wasn't a snow day. More of a "cold" day. Here in NE Oregon it's usually so mild that we don't need a lot of layers to go outside. But when snow does fall and the temperature dips below zero, it's not safe for kids to be outside in the dark waiting for the bus--they just don't have the right clothing. But...actually yesterday felt more like a blizzardy stay-at-home kind of day. So when the call came last night, it was a gift. A day to make apple sauce, visit with my friend Ron who was staying for a few days, and sew. More snow is in the forecast, and it's still pretty darned cold outside. Who knows what the decision will be for the rest of the week? I am happy to have had this day just to "be" and get some Christmas sewing done. And I'm hoping my students were snug and warm in their homes.

Chasse has never owned a doggie shirt. She hasn't worn clothing since she was a puppy and Katie dressed her up in doll clothes. But she was shivering today, so I put an old fleece of mine on her. She wasn't sure at first....

...but soon decided that it felt pretty good to carry a blanket around with her.

My sewing project for the day, all cut out and ready to go:

Applesauce simmering on the stove. Yum.

My good friend Ron, just before he left for his son's in Portland.

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