Friday, December 19, 2008

...too much of a good thing

OK, so I wanted it to snow. Enough for school to be cancelled. And I got my wish. It has been wonderful to sew, sew, sew the last two days. I am nervously waiting for my kids to get here from Portland. We had planned to travel over the mountain as soon as they got here to see my folks in Cove. I've had tripcheck up on the computer screen all day and keep looking at the pictures...and Cabbage doesn't look good. My sister is bravely making her way from Boise (the roads look better on her end).'s looking like we are going to miss the family get-together and gift exchange. As long as my kids make it safely home I can handle missing it this year.

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Lisa said...

I hope everyone is home safe and sound! Let me know if Katie and Nate want a ride on JD's sleigh!!!! lol :)

Merry Christmas and enjoy being SNOWED IN!!!