Thursday, June 17, 2010

...a fun, full weekend

The fun started on Friday morning when my students put on their Little Red Riding Hood skit and ate the cookies we had made earlier in the week. Not a single one of them had ever made cookies before. What a delight to hear shy little Sandra read her lines out clear and loud.

Friday evening I drove to Pendleton for Ayanel's graduation. Such a proud family! (And rightly so!) It was a fun surprise to get to see another former student graduate as well, and I managed to find her in the crowd to give her a hug.

After graduation was over I hurried back home--my youngest sister Lani had called and said they would be driving through on their way to Montana. Could they stop by for a visit? Of course! They were going to keep driving and get a motel in Washington, but I offered beds and camping mats instead. Lani and I were up before anyone else and got a rare chance to sit on the patio with our coffee and visit. I made pancakes, then sent them on their way. I needed to get to Portland!

The weather was absolutely beautiful that morning, and the drive through the gorge was, well, gorgeous. Nate had looked online to see what was happening in Portland that day, and had discovered a bike festival and parade. After we parked and were walking towards the main street we saw all kinds of bikes and trailers. I thought that what we were seeing was the tail-end of the parade.

We wandered down the street, enjoying the people and their bikes, then found a spot at Amnesia Brewing for a bite to eat. It turns out we hadn't missed the parade at all. I must admit I've never seen/heard a goth drum corps before--they were quite good!

Next up were all kinds of people on all kinds of bikes. The families we had seen earlier were part of the parade, along with some not-so traditional participants.

After a bit it appeared that the parade had come to an end, but then there was an excited buzz in the crowd. What's this? Nude cyclists? Can that be legal? It turns out it is. (It's a protest, protected under Oregon's constitution.)

After that bit of excitement, Nate and I were ready to move on. He took me to one of his favorite longboarding sites--Mt. Tabor. I strolled around, soaking in some much-needed sunshine while he did his thing. The view of Mt. Hood was spectacular!

By evening, we were tired and hungry, so we collected Andrea and headed out to the pub where Katie works. She loves the new aprons I made for her, and got lots of compliments.

On Sunday we slept in, had a leisurely breakfast, then just hung out all day. The wide front porch on Nate's house was the perfect hangout for me and my book. That evening we headed downtown for Carlos' graduation bash. It was a lot of fun, and many people came out to celebrate his accomplishment. I got to meet his mom--what a sweet person!

Katie and I spent some time together on Monday doing (serious, non-fun personal business because I had taken a personal day and they are not to be used for fun) then it was time for me to come home.

A good weekend.


LimesNow said...

You DID pack a lot into one weekend! I'm exhausted after reading it. Can't wait to spring the news of nude cyclists on the Badger. I can imagine his reaction!

Doozyanner said...

Limes, it was an action packed weekend and I had to come home to recover! It was also the last week of school, so I was really dragging. But, oh, what fun it was to be with my kids. Nate leaves for Alaska in a week and I won't see him again until October. As for the nude cyclists...we were hoping they kept their bikes in the shade til right before the ride. Ouch! haha