Friday, June 4, 2010

...a good book

I should be cleaning the house.

I should be working on a sewing project.

I should be walking to the grocery store to buy milk.

I should be cleaning the science projects out of the fridge.

I should be writing overdue letters.

I should be figuring out what I'm wearing to graduation tomorrow.

But what do I do instead?


My friend Janie gave me a book because I took care of her dog for a weekend. (Totally unexpected, and totally unnecessary, but I'm so glad she did!)

I knew it was going to be a good book because it's one of her all-time favorites (and I trust her judgement).

I knew I should save it for just a couple more weeks when school is out and I can read to my heart's content.

I resisted at first--just read the fly leaf and glanced at the first few pages. But the other night I picked it up and told myself, "Just half an hour, then I'll go to bed."


And now...I only put it down when I absolutely must go to sleep or get out the door or when something intense has happened and I need a mental break (like now).

And I had a thought...

What if reading this book is what I should be doing right now? What if this escape is exactly what I need to get through these last few hectic days of school?

I think it is.

(Thanks, Janie!)