Sunday, December 4, 2011

I live in a complex referred to as "the new teacher villas." There are "old teacher villas" and "teacher apartments behind the mall" as well.  The distinction is important for giving directions to delivery men since there are no street signs nor house numbers.  There is a lot of construction going on around us. In fact, our buildings are the only completed structures in this block.
Here's the front of our complex--twelve buildings in all.  Pretty nice, right?
This is the other side of the street.  I wish I had started taking pictures of this when we first moved in--they've been trucking right along, and maybe, just maybe, before the year is out, it will be completed.
Fencing off construction sites seems to be important here--whether to keep flying sand to a minimum, block the view to passersby, or to stake out the boundaries of the property, I have no idea.  The sheets of metal make a lovely sound when the wind is howling, though!
This is the view out back--if I stand on the ledge to my patio, this is what I see.  I'm hoping this project goes slowly--I don't want a building obstructing what little view I have! (I like to sit on the ledge in the evening--I can see the lights of Madinat Zayed and hear the call to prayer.)
This is the shortcut I take to walk to town--about a 20 minute walk.  I turned around and snapped this--you can see our villas in the distance.
Still going through the shortcut--sand, sand, and more sand...but look at that blue sky!
I imagine that in a few short years this area will be all built up and landscaped. 

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jeff said...

The view from the front could be of a retirement community in Arizona.