Sunday, December 18, 2011


While it's true that I traveled half-way around the world to take this job, I am not a world traveler. Sure, I've taken the odd trip here and there, and have been on an airplane or two, but I am not a sophisticated jet-setter by any stretch of the imagination. Flight numbers, terminals, layovers...not things I usually think about. I am also a bit of a scatter-brain at times, and forget about certain details...until too late.  (And I'm afraid I've passed a bit of that gene on to my offspring.)

Nate and Katie are flying in to Abu Dhabi airport tonight.  At 9:40pm. Terminal 3.  And that's all the information I thought to get from Nate about their flight.  I vaguely remember something about a stop-over in Brussels, and he did used the abbreviation "AA" in one of his emails, which I assume stands for American Airlines.

So now I have myself in a bit of a dither.  On top of being extremely excited (and a bit sleep-deprived because of it) I am now as nervous as all get-out that somehow we will miss each other at the airport.  I keep reminding myself that AD Airport is not large.  I will be in terminal 3 in plenty of time and we will find each other. All is well, all is well, and all will be well.



Arlene said...

Ah, but they are there now and all is well. You can take a nap, or not. Have a grand time. Love to all of you

Doozyanner said...

I had forgotten how truly very small this airport is. All arrivals come through one set of doors after baggage claim. I just hung out at the barrier until they came through. Ahhh! So good to see them! :-)