Thursday, April 30, 2009

...water falls

The last time I went to Portland the ol' dog and I stopped in the Multnomah Falls area to hike around a bit. It was cold and dreary, but the activity was just what I needed. The falls never fail to soothe the soul. I parked in the main parking lot, then took the trail west to Wahkeena Falls.

Chasse enjoyed getting out of the truck for a bit. There were few people on the trail so I let her go at her own pace. She did ok for an almost 92 year old.
A kind woman offered to take our picture. Wahkeena FallsMultnomah Falls
So misty and beautiful.

When the kids were young (and I was the family activities director) we used to go hike this area quite a bit. Arlene and Steve were often with us. We've hiked the upper loop a couple of times, but I noticed that it was closed off now. I didn't have time to do it anyway, and Chasse would never have made it. Fun memories, though.

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