Friday, April 3, 2009


When I was visiting my mom recently and poking around on her computer I came across this picture of my brother Tim, and immediately copied it.

Tim is a Scout leader and has really gotten into kayaking these past few years. Yesterday I got a message that Tim had added me as a friend on Facebook, so I went to his page and saw MORE kayaking pictures.
Then he came on to chat and directed me to a page for a kayak he plans on building...something like this:
Then my good friend Ron (the kayaker) called. He's coming through this weekend on his way to run some EO rivers with friends. He told me about getting out on the water one last time before he loaded everything up to come south. All of this got me thinking about kayaking and how much I enjoyed it when Ron lived here and took me out on the Columbia on a regular basis. Two summers ago I drove up to Port Hardy, BC where Ron lives now and he took me out on the ocean.

It was pretty spectacular. The bay at low tide was like a never-ending tide pool. I lost track of the number of seastars we saw.
We also heard and saw humpback whales surfacing in the distance. Incredible.
But....if I had to choose between this...

and this...

the bike would be it.
I like kayaking. A lot. And I hope to do more of it. In the meantime I will enjoy Tim's pictures and Ron's stories...and ride my bike.

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Stacy B said...

I'd choose the kayak any day! I love those pictures...makes me want to get out on the water.