Saturday, August 8, 2009

...a dilemma

There's a ride this weekend. A ride that I hadn't planned on doing. And since I hadn't planned on doing it, I put it out of my head and thought no more about it. But last night Kathie and I were out together and she really wants me to go along. She has the motel booked and is driving her car. All I would have to do is show up. Easy. So by the end of the evening it was decided--I will do the ride this weekend. It wasn't until I got home, sat down to check email, and heard somebody behind me in her usual spot... ...that it hit me. I didn't plan on doing this ride so I didn't make arrangements for doggy care! Oh dear. The easiest (for the old dear) is for me to run her to Portland to Katie's. But there isn't time for that. The last time I asked a friend if she could stay at his place, she was so nervous that she peed in his garage more than in his yard, and escaped and ran back to our old home (where she had lived most of her life) not once, but twice. Another time I asked a friend to come let her out during a day trip. She got busy and sent her teenage son instead. (Nice kid, but certain recent events make me nervous about the thought of him in my house unattended.) So what to do? Which friend can I impose on now??? Who would be willing to interrupt their weekend several times to come let an old, neurotic dog out? OK, time to start calling...wish me luck! (Why does staying home now seem like a bad thing? I hadn't planned on doing the ride in the first place!)

Update: I found someone willing to come let her out and feed her. Thanks, Chris!

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LimesNow said...

ENJOY that ride! I could tell pet care horror stories that would curl your hair. One includes us being out on the boat for 10 days with Midnight the Wonder Cat closed in the bathroom for the entire time. He only peed in the bathtub. He must have drunk from the toilet. He was the skinniest cat on the planet!