Thursday, August 6, 2009

...insomnia strikes again

Thoughts that keep rattling around in my brain tonight...
  • Old high school friend going through a painful divorce
  • Death of the wife of a blogger I follow
  • A heartbeat, new life. :-)
  • Missing family. Would someone please get the elephant out of the living room?
  • Am I old because I sew? I've been sewing since my teen years. Odd comment...
  • Missing lazy days of patio time and talking endlessly about books. Different paths...

OK, these thoughts are filed away here for safekeeping. They don't need to bother my brain any more tonight. zzzzzz


LimesNow said...

I guess Mr. Insomnia has dumped me in favor of you. Never so happy to lose a man in my life! Condolences to you, though.

When I say out loud to people that I sew, I get odd looks. No one does it any longer, at least in the west. It's not taught at school. I think it sets us apart as both "old" and "weird". So be it.

The Old Bag said...

Both Wheel and I found out about Susan right before hitting the hay last night and it affected our sleep as well.

And sewing...anymore about all I sew are straight seams (pillows, duvet covers, curtains). I learned how to sew in 4H, but never did very well at clothing.