Saturday, August 29, 2009

...why I'm not blogging

Several days have gone by without a post...why? I sit down at the computer...and...nothing. I ride my bike and think of things to post...but then...pffft...nothing. I think it's partly the end-of-summer blahs. My classroom is calling. Meetings, schedules, lesson plans...all crowding my brain, and, like every end of summer...I am resisting. Once I get going and HAVE to be on a schedule again it will all fall into place. But I'm not officially on the clock until next Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. So until then...I know myself well enough to know that I will continue to indulge my slothful side...waking up without an alarm, going to my classroom when I feel like it, leaving there as soon as the first hunger pang strikes. A young first-year teacher is staying with me for a few days, until her place is ready. She has been gone from morning til night, anxious about getting everything done on time. As she left this morning she asked, "Aren't you going in today???" Eh, maybe, maybe not. But, classes start for her on Monday and not until the following week for me. I'll kick it into gear soon. Really.

Another thing that's been keeping me from blogging is my camera...I miss it! We had an awesome combined class reunion last Saturday night, and...I have to rely on others to supply me with pictures. Nothing yet. And I hate to nag. But. Come on! Maybe because I'm a little weird that way--I try to send pictures out to everyone involved as soon as possible and it frustrates me when others aren't wired the same way. But as soon as pictures arrive...I'll be blogging about dancing like a 17 year old again with my old high school boyfriend who is now divorced and we've been texting and emailing and laughing like the silly that I am/was with my best friend and wondering who the old people in the room were because I'm certainly not that old and having a guy that I dated my junior year not recognize me then slip me his phone number at the end of the evening....yeah...stay tuned for that post.


The Old Bag said...

So which reunion was this? I had my 30th this past July...the old boyfriend is happily familied, and I'm happily connected, but we had a nice chat.

AND, I get the whole busy-ness feeling. I need to write when I've got nothing intruding upon my thoughts, and right now isn't it! :-(

Doozyanner said...

It was the 33rd for me. I finished high school in a very small school here in NE Oregon so we combined grades for the reunion--75-80. It was a lot of fun.

LimesNow said...

I've missed both of you YOUNG women - truly! The Badger and I were chatting and I said, "Everyone's sure quiet." I have a number of teachers in my environment always, so I knew without hearing it that you'd both be in those back-to-it blues. But know that your quieter profile has been noticed!