Tuesday, August 18, 2009

...a day with Cristian

My godson Cristian and I had a date yesterday.
We loaded our bikes in the back of my truck and set off for the Tri-Cities. First stop--Kohl's, to find a pair of jeans for school. Score! Next--a park by the river with access to the paved trail system. We rode for a few miles, stopping to give Cristian's legs a break every now and then. I got a few pictures before my camera met a soggy end. (It was in my shorts pocket because I was on my mountain bike and wearing street clothes--no jersey with a handy pocket on the back. Potty break...camera in toilet...augh!) After riding a while we drove over to Pasco to the Sacagawea State Park and wandered through the nice little museum there. Lots of hands-on displays that appeal to almost-10 year old boys. (Just how much power does it take to pull the arrow back on the bow? Can you imagine doing this and staying steady enough to hit your target??) After the museum we took a wrong turn and had an adventure in driving. I told Cristian tales about my own kids getting so worried when I'd get us lost when they were young. We finally figured out where we were, got turned around, and headed back to civilization for a late lunch. Then we checked out the movie theater to see what was playing. (Not much that appeals to both a boy and a middle aged woman. What a relief that GI Joe wasn't playing!) We agreed on G Force but it didn't start for an hour, so off to Barnes and Nobles to wander and look at books. I haven't been in the children's section for a long time, so that was a treat. Then, off to the movies with our 3D glasses. That was pretty cool, even though the story line was lame. After that it was time to go home....we did the math and realized my old dog had been inside for 8 hours. How time flies! It was a fun day with a great kid. Katie wonders how much longer Cristian will want to hang out with me. Hard to say....but I'm game as long as he is!

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