Sunday, October 18, 2009

...something I forgot to mention

Earlier in the week an email appeared in my inbox at school: "There may be an opportunity for two teachers from our district to travel to Guanajuato, Mexico the week of Thanksgiving. Let me know if you're interested." I immediately wrote back: "Let me check with my kids, but I'm pretty sure I want in." Then I texted Katie. Her response? "Do it!" I asked, "Would Nate say the same?" "YES!" So I emailed again and said to please add my name to the list. That evening I chatted online with Nate (he's still in AK) and he too said, "Go!"

So the week flew by but nothing more about it in the inbox. On Friday the person who sent the email was in our building. We were walking up the stairs together and he casually said, "Oh it looks like you and I are going to Mexico next month." YIPPEE!

I'm not 100% sure yet, but I think we'll be teaching strategies to English teachers, rather than actually teaching English. And even though it will be a week of's in Guanajuato, Mexico in November!!! How cool is that??


LimesNow said...

There's a trip right up your alley! Great kids for encouraging you to go.

Once known as The Badger said...

I hear you flipped a digit in the 10s column! Happy Birthday.