Wednesday, October 28, 2009

...visitors, a new camera, and family heirlooms

Nate is home from Alaska, so he and Genavieve came for a visit this past weekend.
We went camera shopping (since mine went sploosh! in the toilet last summer and sealing it in a bag of rice didn't totally revive it), went out to eat at Ice Harbor Brew Pub,
and had fun being silly, as usual.
Sunday morning mom and dad stopped by to have lunch (for them) and breakfast (for us). They were returning from their annual trek to AZ and CA and miniature shows. Coming home they stopped in Portland to visit mom's sister, Aunt Nanie, who sent them on their way with two large boxes full of Grandma Irene's cosmos glass collection. (Mom had called me a few days before and asked if I was interested in having it. Of course! Arlene and I thought the pieces had already been sold to a collecter.) So after breakfast/lunch the table was cleared and mom unpacked the boxes. Wow. Wow. I remembered that grandma had a lot of pieces, but I sure didn't expect there to be so much! Mom said that none of Nanie's kids wanted them (I have a theory about that) and she was glad that I did. She stipulated that I not sell the pieces (I won't) but didn't say anything about gifting them. It sure will be fun sharing with my sisters, daughter and nieces!
(The large lamp with the chimney is mine, a Christmas gift a few years ago from mom and dad because I liked Grandma's so much. I brought it out to compare to the other one. They're the same, except for the color at the top.) Arlene, let me know what to set aside for you! :-)

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