Monday, March 15, 2010

...losing things

I feel like I'm losing my. A week ago Saturday I used my camera. A week ago Sunday I went grocery shopping, and had the camera tucked into the side pocket of my purse (or so I thought). Squirrely teenage boys and a suspicious woman were behind me in line. Later in the week when I couldn't find my camera, after thoroughly searching the house and car....I deducted that those boys had taken it. But something kept bumping around in my memory--nothing I could put words to--just a tiny memory of a sound. So I checked the car one more time, swiping my hand under the passenger seat, one more time. And there it was. And the memory returned. My purse had been in my school bag on the seat behind me, and it had toppled over, dumping my purse to the floor. The tiny memory was the sound of my purse falling, and the camera hitting the floor.

Tonight, I shoved my wallet in one jacket pocket, stashed the cell phone (after switching it to vibrate mode) in the other, grabbed my keys, and dashed out the door to yoga class. As I was backing out I reached for the phone to check the time. Not in the pocket. Oh well, I must have left it on the counter. No big deal. An hour or so later I returned, checked the counter...but no phone. Hmmm. Upstairs? Bedroom? Bathroom? Computer desk? Nope, nope, nope, and nope. So I ran back outside, looked and felt around and under the seat. Nothing. Well. I posted a request on Facebook for someone to call me. Nate did. Repeatedly. (It was on vibrate, so I stood very still and listened for the rrr.) Nothing.

Now a phone is a thing and can be replaced, but losing it was mighty annoying. I thought about the camera incident and knew there was no one to blame this one on. Rats. I checked the car again. Nothing. Rechecked the house. had to be here. Once more out to the car. Ahhhh...THERE it is...way down between the seats. Whew!

So what does this mean? I'm not a person who normally loses things. It makes me feel a little bit off kilter. Am I becoming a person who loses things??
I hope I'm not losing my.


LimesNow said...

Doozy, I do not lose things. Virtually never. But there's a little twist in that brave statement. I don't lose things because I'm obsessive about checking, re-checking, and performing most actions the same way every single time. One might say I'm a multilayered obsessive. I obsessively check and re-check so I won't lose things which would make me obsess about losing things. I might do well to let go a little, lose something once, and learn that the world wouldn't stop. :~{

Doozyanner said...

Limes, I'm easily sidetracked, and driving my son's car instead of my own little truck isn't helping. My routine for where I put things in the vehicle has changed. My sister Arlene assures me that what I'm experiencing is due to menopause--nothing to get shook about. In the very back of my mind is the fear that I will have early onset altzheimers like our paternal grandmother. I look a lot like her, but have to tell myself that that's where the similarity ends. And yeah, the world keeps spinning around even if we're not in charge. :-)

Rob said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I have been there. It is horrible, because you know you are Losing things everywhere you go and you can´t do anything to stop it.
Unfortunately, therapy is the best way of solving these issues.