Saturday, March 13, 2010

...sewing. And sew, I did.

Back in January when I last saw Jadyn, she put in a request for a new apron with pink bunnies on it. The only fabric I could find with pink bunnies was in the Easter section, so I used it as an accent.

I also found a pink bunny cookie cutter for her to use at Gamma's house. A good day. And's time for bed.

(Katie and I will finish her FAFSA over the phone tomorrow night, so it's really OK that I spent the evening sewing!)


LimesNow said...

Pink bunny request notwithstanding, I LOVE the cupcake print! Good for you for spending the evening that way. I've still got the sewing blockage, :~{

Doozyanner said...

Ya gotta get over that, Limes! Sewing keeps me sane. It's a way for me to concentrate on something and let go of the "dragonflies" flitting around my brain. At the end I have a fun gift to give away. :-) I know Jadyn is going to love this apron--even though I kept the pink bunnies to a minimum.