Friday, March 12, 2010

...random thoughts

  • One week 'til spring break. I love my students,
  • Two weeks ago Nate came to visit, and to exchange vehicles. He and his roommates were moving this week and needed my little truck. Just when I finally stop stomping on the floor for the non-existent clutch, we'll trade back again.

  • I thought my camera had been stolen. Instead...I lost it. And found it. And have learned a lesson about 1) not leaving my purse in the grocery cart as I unload at the checkout line and 2) not being so quick to jump to the conclusion that the squirrely boys behind me must have taken the camera out of the side pocket. Just because the woman behind them gave a frown and a nod in their direction...doesn't mean they were guilty of anything except being teenagers. Sigh. My sincere apology to the two boys who were on the receiving end of my negative thoughts today.
  • Last Saturday I spent the entire day out in Echo, helping out with the Red to Red mountain bike race. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and there were many guys in spandex milling about. What's not to love? My good friend Kathryn is in this crowd somewhere. She finished 3rd in her category.
  • I still haven't filed my state taxes, nor filled out the FAFSA for Katie. Yikes. We've never been this late getting it done. This is the weekend.
  • There are a couple of sewing projects calling my name. Must resist. FAFSA must be done.
  • Oh, and that additional degree I was thinking about getting? Um, yeah. It's been about 15 years since I've paid for a bunch of graduate credits. Yikes. I think a class here and there will have to do for now.
  • The weather is more March-like this weekend--raining and windy, and snowing where my folks live.

**Saturday morning update: Not a cloud in the sky! Oh, spring in EO, you do play mind games with us! Now all I want to do is ride. Paperwork first. Paperwork first.

**Saturday afternoon update: State taxes are finished. Missed a step and thought I owed $531. Took a second look and owe $3. I can live with that. FAFSA is started. Need info from Katie to keep going. The house is clean and laundry rebooted. Wind is blowing sideways outside. It looks like I get to sew after all! :-)


LimesNow said...

Dooz, it is interesting to me that so many of us who follow each other around are writing what I call (for my own similar activity) "dragonflies flitting around". As if there is a universal system of mental unrest. Only a week to go until you get a break and maybe everything will integrate then!

Doozyanner said...

Limes, likes the title of my blog says, my head is full of "errant thoughts." Dragonflies...nice simile.