Tuesday, October 21, 2008

...old photographs

I've been opening picture files on my computer, trying to find our Thanksgiving and Christmas pictures from last year (Windows Vista has hidden them from me, I'm sure). So far no holiday pictures, but I did find some old ones of my grandparents that mom emailed to me some time ago. I need to order prints RIGHT NOW and get them framed before I forget again. This is my Grandma Irene (mom's mom) at about 25. Grandpa Felix took this photograph of her.
This is my Grandpa Felix (mom's dad)--not sure how old he is here.

And here are Felix and Irene--in their mid 60s, I'm guessing. They both died in their early 70s when I was a young teen. We only saw them about once a year because of being a Navy family. When we visited in the summertime grandma would tell us that if we picked enough blackberries that she would make blackberry dumplings. Yum. It makes my mouth water just to think of them. Grandpa was very crippled from arthritis and could be a bit cranky. But he also made funny faces and sang silly songs in the mornings at breakfast.

This is my Grandpa Mel--dad's stepdad--(on the right) and his brother Merle (Bones). He was called Bones because he was so tall and thin. We always called him Uncle Bones and never thought anything about it! I don't think I knew his real name until I was grown. I believe Mel and Bones graduated the same year, even though Bones was older. Grandpa was really smart--he taught the math class while the teacher was working with other students. A local doctor wanted to pay his way to college and medical school, but his dad wanted him to stay at home and work in the family business. So he did--one of the sons (and very fine carpenter) of Rundall and Sons. Grandpa was modest about his work--to a point. When driving around the valley he would point to a house and say, "Now there's a well-built house." Grandpa and I were buddies--but that's a whole other blog!

Old photographs...so much fun to look at...and even more fun to do so with my parents...they have so many stories to tell. Now where is that darned file with my holiday pictures from last year?!?

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