Thursday, October 2, 2008

...riding in the rain

When I got up this morning and saw the dark clouds to the west I thought there was no way we would have our regular Thursday night ride. Rain, and lots of it, was in the forecast for the day. But, as often happens in NE Oregon, a warm breeze blew, the sky cleared, and the ride was on. We left Scott's at 5:40 and it was absolutely beautiful out. We were riding east and didn't see the clouds that were coming in behind us. By the time we noticed them it was too late to turn back. I felt the first raindrop splat on my cheek as I was climbing a hill, headed west. Light at first, then splat, splat, splat, splat, whoosh! At the top of the hill the wind kicked in. Throw in a few semis and farm trucks throwing up sheets of water as they passed and woo whee, what an adventure! We couldn't draft off each other because of the dirty water spraying off the rear wheels, so it was each person for him/herself. We got back to the shop at 7:00--sopping wet. It was a hard ride. An oh-my-gosh-I-hope-I-can-make-it-in ride. But an exhilarating and strangely satisfying ride. Yes, a fun ride. (And now I must get ready for Saturday--some of us are driving to Ellensburg for their annual ride. And even though rain is predicted, we're told it never rains for this ride. I hope it's true!)

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