Tuesday, October 7, 2008

...whitewater rafting

Sue, Mom, Arlene, Jennie, Katie: ready for some fun!

Sometime during the summer of '07 my Mom, Dad, and I were having a conversation about their friends who live in Maupin, Oregon, and have a great view of the Deschutes River from their deck. Dad said they can see rafters going by, but it didn't look like much fun to him. Mom said it DID look like fun to her and it was something she had always wanted to do. So...I said, "Why don't we plan a trip for next summer to celebrate your 75th birthday?" She agreed. I sent out informational letters to all of the women over the age of 18 in our family, letting them know what was in the works. I also set up a Yahoo group so it would be easy to share information with each other. Over the cold winter months Mom wavered a little--she wasn't sure if this was such a good idea. But by spring she was enthusiastic once more. I contacted River Drifters in Maupin and paid a down payment for Tuesday, July 29, 2008. In early summer I called the Maupin city park and got our campsite reserved. I also sent out another mailing reminding everyone of the date and price. Finally, on Sunday, July 27th we all met in Maupin. We got the campsite set up, then spent the next day just hanging out and relaxing and enjoying each others company. Arlene did all of the cooking for us, and the food was awesome! Tuesday morning we were excited and nervous and ready to go. For one reason or another only 5 of us women were able to make it. Dad came along as the dog-watcher while we were on the river. The whole trip was an absolute blast and a memorable way to celebrate Mom's 75th!

Mom in her wetsuit and splash jacket. Our two girls: my niece Jennie, 20, and Katie, 21 Our guide giving us last minute instructions before we got to the first rapids. Good thing Mom was paying attention! Sue and Jennie

Starting into Boxcar Rapids Mom falling OUT in Boxcar Rapids--Sue freaking out!

Here came Mom, floating along, just as she had been told to do. ...and being hauled back into the raft.

Katie tightened Grandma's life jacket for the next time!

Going into the last rapids...Oak Springs... ...and coming back out of it...we made it! What a blast!
What shall we do next year?????? :-)


Lisa said...

HOLY MACARONI! That's it. I am never going white water rafting! I about had a heart attack looking at these pictures. Your poor mom- shake her hand for me. Seriously. Tell her she's an amazing sport! :)

Doozyanner said...

Oh, don't let my pictures scare you off from doing it! It was SO much fun and my mom LOVED the entire trip! She didn't freak out at all.

Stacy B said...

Oh Sue! That stretch of river is so fun! We did it with 2 dogs and a full boat of supplies. Your mom...what a trooper!

Doozyanner said...

Wow, Stacy, I can't imagine going through Oak Springs with dogs and supplies in the boat! Were the dogs attached somehow?? It was a wonderful time, and my mom loves that she fell out--she has had so much fun showing those pictures to everyone.