Thursday, October 23, 2008 birthday

Yesterday was as wonderful as I expected it to be. I slept in, lingered over coffee as I watched the sun shine across the field behind me, then took myself to the spa. I have never done anything like that before. Pedicures? Sure, regularly in the summer. Massages? Love them, but don't go often enough. But I've never had a real facial, and rarely have a manicure. So to do all four felt quite decadent. First, they had me change into a fluffy terry robe, then led me to a quiet little nook where I sipped tea. The massage therapist came and got me and took me into her room. She washed my feet in a basin of warm water, which felt so good because they were a bit cold by that time. Then the hour massage. Ohhhhhh....yum. After that she led me to the facial room. What a sensory delight to have my face washed, then wrapped in a warm towel, then have a cool cleanser put on it, then a steam mist, then another warm towel. After that I was led to another little nook to have something to eat. Quiche, sliced kiwi, cheese, crackers, and a balsamic/tomato spread. Yum again. Then it was time for the pedicure. We were talking and she asked if I had brought my camera. I told her that I almost did, but then felt silly about it, so didn't. She said it wasn't silly at all and went and got her camera phone, took my picture, and emailed it to me right then. Last was the manicure--clear polish because 99.9% of the time I can't be bothered to do anything more than clip my nails! The whole experience at the spa was delightful. It's not something I will do again any time soon--it really was a splurge--but worth it for my 50th.
Afterwards I did exactly as I said I would--wandered through the book store, sipped coffee and people watched, then mosied through the mall. I stopped at the Sprint store on my way home (just to price phones since my old one was falling apart) and walked out with a new one. It's pretty snazzy, and I'm having fun figuring out all the bells and whistles. Then I stopped and had the oil changed in my little truck and used the free car wash ticket. (Exciting stuff for a birthday, right? Feels good to be driving a clean vehicle!) By that time it was getting late. A quick stop at the house to potty the dog, then to Shelley's for dinner. And guess what? Surprise! She had invited our cycling group. Not at all what I expected, but it was a fun evening. So, a full, fun day--a good day to be 50. What shall I do for my 75th??

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Lisa said...

Happy [belated] Birthday Sue!!!