Sunday, November 29, 2009

...friendly people

My coworker David and I were fed, sheltered, and taxied about by some wonderful people in Mexico.
Mario, who works for the Dpt. of Ed., picked us up from the airport, took us around to see some of the sights, delivered us to Salamanca where we would be teaching, took us to the symphony our last night there, and returned us to the airport early Saturday morning.

Celia provided us with comfortable rooms and delicious meals while we were in the city of Guanajuato. She has such a peaceful spirit and tells wonderful stories. I enjoyed our conversations immensely.
Alejandro, who works for the Dpt. of Ed. in Salamanca, drove us to outlying schools (on a terrifying highway--vehicles passing vehicles who were also passing slower moving vehicles!). We visited his English class at the University our last night in Salamanca. Alejandro and I share a passion for biking--he and his boys are avid mountain bikers. He showed me several pictures of his bike and we shared a laugh--only a fellow cyclist would understand taking pictures of our bikes.
Maria de los Angeles (Angie), opened her home to us in Salamanca and was our driver to and from class. She is a teacher and a program supervisor. Angie took us to visit her favorite school out in a ranchito--170 students and 6 teachers. This particular school is fortunate to have a janitor and a secretary. Not all small schools have such luxuries.


Kat Ballou said...

I have talked with teachers who have visited Mexico as part of the Monarch Teachers Network and they all say the same things about the people of Mexico that you said. I have to go, someday, somehow.
Sounds like a wonderful trip and great connections made.


LimesNow said...

Dooz, what a lovely rendering of the story of nice people who welcomed you! I am a little fragile today. I got choked up. I'd sign up for some of Celia's good food!

WV = pullyst. Isn't that another word for a boxer?

Doozyanner said...

Moira, so glad you stopped by! Let's go to Mexico together--I'll be your interpreter! The people ARE wonderful. They are SO generous and kind.

Limes, Celia's food was simple but good. She served fruit each morning. Papaya with lime juice and honey was my favorite. Kiwi, banana, and mango topped with yogurt and sunflower seeds was also yummy.