Saturday, May 7, 2011

...being a goose

Jesus dropped the F bomb just as he stepped inside my classroom door. I responded with "the look." He said, "Oops, my bad!" I said, "How about you apologize in a way that is meaningful to an old fogey like me?" He looked puzzled for a second, then his face lit up. "You're a GOOSE!" Whaaat? How is that an apology? After a bit of back and forth we communicated. He had meant to say that I was a "geezer." Goose/geezer--both start with G and have the s sound in the middle. What's one to do but laugh? (Oh, and I did get a real apology.)


Arlene said...

My sister the Goose! I love it. :)

Leslie Morgan said...

Hey, Goosy, I've got a (true) little twist on your story. I recently exclaimed "Jesus!" to a man who doesn't necessarily appreciate that name/word used as an expletive. Ironically, I could have dropped the f-bomb twice and he'd have simply grinned at me. ;~} It truly does take all kinds.

Doozyanner said...

I love how kids' minds (especially 2nd language learners) work. My use of the idiom "old fogey" reminded Jesus of "geezer." He knew they both are used to refer to an old person. In this situation the F word didn't really bother me--it was not meant for my classroom, but rather the tail end of a conversation he'd been having outside the door. Ah delights and intrigues me. Don't, however, get me started on adults who use "my bad" in lieu of a real apology. Right. Yes, Arlene, I am rather goosey these days! :-)