Friday, May 13, 2011

...the good ol' days

I've been busy sorting, tossing, scanning and packing in preparation for my new life. One cupboard of my classroom was full of photo albums. Twenty two years of memories. I decided to scan some of the photos and toss the rest. It has been a delightful walk down memory lane. I usually scoff when someone refers to the past as "the good old days," but I have to admit to some nostalgia for "back then," when I first started teaching at the high school. Back then I had a high-ceilinged, drafty old room with tile floors. We could have a bubble-fest and not worry about the mess. I wonder if I'll have a tile floor in my new classroom?

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Leslie Morgan said...

Thinking of packing up and moving on stirs some things in me. I've done so much of that across the past 8 years, it's a bit uncomfortable to me. You're admirable and inspiring!