Monday, May 23, 2011

...a celebration

My children threw a going away party for me on Saturday. On Friday, the when they got to town, the weather was gorgeous. We were sure that the next day would also be perfect for hanging out in the park. It was not to be. On Saturday we woke up to rain and wind, but we were still confident that it would clear up by 2:00. No such luck. At 1:30, instead of driving to the park to set up, the kids went to tack up a sign letting everyone know of the venue change--we'd gather in my apartment instead. Luckily, I've been steadily working at packing things up, so it didn't take long to stash odds and ends upstairs and push the couch to the side. We were nervous though. Would people see the sign? Katie updated Facebook, and I sent out text messages. We'd have an awful lot of food to eat if people didn't come! (Arlene prepared all the food--her ginger cookies are to die for!)I was worried, but not for long...they saw the sign and got the word--party at Sue's place! Over 30 people came through my door. A friend I hadn't seen in at least ten years had said she couldn't make it--but she did! Such a fun surprise. Current and former coworkers, a few former students, neighbors, family, and friends all crowded in. Midway through the afternoon the sun came out, so we opened the patio door and spilled out into the backyard. Good memories were shared and more were made.

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Leslie Morgan said...

Well, it MUST be official if the partyin' has started! I'd like Arlene to cater for me, I can tell by looking. What a wonderful thing for your wonderful young adults to do for you, Dooz.