Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I married a man who could tell you the name of every song, artist, and group from our generation and most from the one before. He loved (loves?) music and spent (spends?) hours in front of his stereo system with earphones on, creating mixed tapes of his favorites. My son inherited his dad's musical memory (although I don't think he spends quite as much time absorbed in it). I, on the other hand, enjoy music but it's not my passion. It's a rare occasion when I can name anything associated with a particular song. Oh, I can sing along when I hear one I know, but don't ask me who the artist is. While the man I married had (has?) all the latest electronics for listening pleasure, I have always been content with the radio or a small CD player. Nothing high-tech at all. It was a great day when I discovered Pandora. I just had to know ONE artist that I liked and they would do the rest! And, with the advent of Blogger, my one-stop, lazy musicologist mind has discovered that I can open fellow bloggers blogs and listen to (and enjoy) all kinds of music--some familiar, and some that I would never have found on my own. Thanks, Rochelle and Jeff! Oh, and Leslie is usually good for a song or two. Thanks, Les!


Leslie Morgan said...

You know, for all my love of music, I have kind of sketchy information. If some group didn't grab me, I don't even have a working knowledge of what they were about. Conversely, if I was a fan ~ watch out. I also do not require the newest, latest and greatest machinery to capture and disgorge music. Just play it, please! My good friend, the blogger CramCake, with whose father you share a birthday, has urged me to try Pandora and I just haven't got there yet. Now two of you are promoting it. I need to get off my rear end.

Made up word: musicologist?

Doozyanner said...

You got it, Les! haha--silliness... :-) Do check out Pandora--I think you'd like it.

jeff said...

One of my new favorite things is putting the adult alternative cable music channel on while I'm reading. No videos, just pictures and music. And if I hear something I like the artist and title is always on the screen. I've found lots of great blog music that way.