Tuesday, May 24, 2011

...a budding photographer

My friends Chris and Janie and their (almost) 4 year old son Liam came to my party on Saturday. To keep Liam entertained Katie gave him her camera to use. I love giving cameras to kids--especially now in the digital age. Deleting out of focus or repetive shots takes seconds. And, sometimes they get a great shot from an angle that adults would never have considered. (We call this The Kitchen Angel. ha!) Liam loved my mom and took a gazillion pictures of her. Most were deleted, but a couple were very cute. But it's the picture that he took of my dad that is our all-time favorite. Don't you love it?

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Janie said...

Great Pics! I love that we were at your place maybe two minutes before he was calling your mom "Grandma." Sure wish we could have stayed a little longer, it was a very nice party.