Saturday, August 27, 2011

...being a hermit

What a difference a day makes.  I did not leave my room at all yesterday, and the only people I had contact with were the two pleasant young men who come to tidy my room and bring me bottled water.  I've tried having a conversation with them from time to time, but their English is minimal and context specific.  They know how to ask if I want fresh towels or the sheets changed, but beyond that...we just smile at each other a lot. At first I had the urge to speak in Spanish to them--at home if I could tell that someone didn't understand me I automatically switched to Spanish.  I don't think that will help much here.

I spent the day yesterday answering emails, skyping with Arlene, made a phone call to Katie (I hadn't heard her voice since being here--we've chatted but it's not the same), and snacked on flat bread, tabboulah, tuna, hummus, and garlic paste.  That combo makes a great sandwich!  I put in one of my napping movies (movies I have seen so many times that I can easily fall asleep to them) and rested.

This morning I felt like myself again and went down to breakfast.  Jo, Katherine and I are going on an adventure in a few minutes.  We're going to get on a bus and head to Al Ain with hopes of going to a couple of museums and seeing the camel market.  (Maybe they'll get to meet Rochelle's second husband!  ha!)

I know that I will have dips in my energy and attitude like everyone else, and know what I need to do to take care of myself.  I do have a job, and eventually I will find out where.  Banking issues will be resolved, and I won't be living in this hotel forever.  I have family and friends who keep in touch, and new friends here to get lost with.  Stay tuned to see where we end up! 


Leslie Morgan said...

I'm so sorry that my own pathetic existence caused me to miss one of your posts. But here I am again! Hon, you're going to be OK. I don't know how prepared you were for the cultural differences. I was lucky, in that my mother knew me and could say "lose this, don't expect that". Maybe you were less prepped. But you are MORE able to handle whatever comes your way ~ otherwise, you'd not even BE there. All is well. Arlene has the theme/tempo. Go with it, one step at a time. <3 LM

jeff said...

A hermit's rest can be restorative. And it does sound like a tasty lunch.