Friday, August 5, 2011

...learning new things

I can open a hotel door, turn on the lights, run water for a bath, put a stopper in the sink and pull it out again. I can operate a TV and open a sliding door. Or can I?

The Education Council has put us up in a lovely hotel until our teaching assignments and housing have been determined. We arrived here around 10:00 last night, exhausted from the day of traveling. I looked forward to getting to my room, kicking my shoes off, soaking in the tub, and falling into bed. Instead, every little thing along the way had me flummoxed! I finally did figure out how to turn on the water, and I think I've got the lighting system down. The TV needed help from someone at the desk, so that wasn't my error. I won't be opening the balcony window again, though. It is big and heavy and almost impossible to close. It's not the usual slide-along-a-track type door. It's too hot to be out on the balcony anyway, but I had to take a look. A young man from housekeeping gave me a puzzled look when I asked how to let the water out of the sink, but he graciously showed me. I had to laugh--it was so simple.

To add to my consternation, the combo lock that I put on one of my bags wouldn't open. Thankfully, I had appropriate clothing in my other bag, so was able to go down for breakfast. Someone from engineering came up with a big pair of snips and cut the lock off for me.

I'm sure there will be more things to learn and other little bumps in the road, but I am delighted to be here.

The view from my window last night.

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Leslie Morgan said...

You made me cry. I've traveled that long haul to the middle east. I know how different it can all seem. You are my heroine! Keep the words and images coming. <3 <3