Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Or should that be spelled "yoghurt?" Either way, a LOT of it is eaten in this country. There is always a big bowl of it at breakfast, next to the fruit salad, and another bowl with a bit of olive oil drizzled in it next to the cucumbers and tomatoes. Breakfast is the only meal provided, so many of us have stocked our mini bar fridges with food for the rest of the day. At the grocery store the other day we went in search of the yogurt section. I was so surprised by what I saw that I had to pull out my camera. The entire aisle was devoted to yogurt, in small containers and large. (The picture doesn't capture it all.) And, only a very, very few of them were flavored. I've tried different brands and like them all. The yogurt is smooth, thick, and creamy. Its flavor is fresh and not very tart at all. I had been making my own yogurt at home for the past several months, but I don't know that I will here. Milk is a bit expensive, but yogurt is not. Oh, and I haven't had any tummy trouble that often accompanies overseas travel. I think it might be due to the good microbes that I've been ingesting every day. I also tried something called "laban" that was right next to the yogurt. I thought it was a yogurt smoothie--the container looked just like what a smoothie comes in at home. It turned out to be a buttermilk-like drink--much milder than buttermilk, but thick like a smoothie. I liked it, but my friends did not.

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Leslie Morgan said...

You're in the middle east, for sure, girlfriend! Laban, indeed. And yoghurt. Plenty of yoghurt.